Saturday, 4 May 2013

Krokodi Rig

I was pretty excited to have been asked to create a rig for the Kroc Dee character in the Krokodi project. As the character is a sort of biped/quad hybrid, I was able to take a creative approach to mixing the things I had learned previously about rigging different kinds of characters. 

Here is the rig- 


  • Foot controls with Foot Roll
  • IK legs with knee aim control
  • hip control
  • COG control
  • spine controls
  • head control
  • movable jaw
  • rigged head
  • moveable eyes
  • closeable eyelids
  • rigged tongue
  • rigged tail
I was able to implement some smaller "control pads" into this rig for the animators as well. The eyes and eyelids have additional curves, to make moving both sides simultaneously a bit easier. The tail also has a hide-able control pad, allowing the animator to quickly curl the tail. 

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