Thursday, 27 September 2012

Week 3

Week 3 is almost at an end, here's what it looked like...

Spent a lot of time going through the audio I had gathered from my kids actors (for the wee monsters film).

Other than that, I've been messing around with trial rigs for the kids and the kelpie. Getting back into the swing of things.

Watched a few Tutorials earlier in the week, mostly on DT, about facial rigging, and setting up buttons with pre-set poses for characters. That'll be particularly useful for expressions and lip syncing. 

I'm just about to go and rig my animatic children better, and try creating some pose buttons for them. Should keep me busy into the night, and if all goes swimmingly it'll make this 'animatic by Tuesday' thing a whole lot easier to achieve. And I'll be learning as I go. See, I'm so clever sometimes. 

Go have a wee look at to see any progress :)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

4th Year. So it begins (continues?)

Week 2, day 2 and already my head is exploding. In a good way, I think. 

Starting from now, I think it's a good idea to stick my personal timetable on here. Production diary meets production blog kinda thing. Video blogs will begin when my new webcam arrives!

So far, it's gone like this- 

Week 1

Monday- Found out the brief had changed. Panicked a bit.
Tuesday- Thought long and hard about new brief. 

Wednesday- Group crit. Scavenged new team members from fallen films. 
Thursday- Made plans/schedules/panicked some more. 
Friday- Spoke to new team members about possible jobs. Pondered DATM.

Week 2

Monday- Tutorial with Sharon, good vibes
Tuesday- Worked on DATM. Joined JB's "Stupid Kow" project, doing some facial riggage/lip synching.
Wednesday- DATM meeting. Storyboard review/re-draft.
Thursday- Life drawing. Prepare animatic timing. 
Friday- Talking to 1st years. Chase up models.

So there it is.

From now on, I will blog more often. Please, contain your excitement!