Sunday, 9 December 2012

Rig Demos

Wee demo of Sam's and the Kow's rigs. Excuse the water mark!

"Wee Monsters"

So, for my Honours year at DJCAD I've been directing a shot film called "Wee Monsters"

Over the course of the first semester, I've been doing various jobs. 

Here's a final progress report- 

The room is starting to take shape, although the textures aren't finished.
Charlie Lodge is working on these, and assures me often that they are almost done.

The characters are modelled.

Girl model by Sarah Rettie

Boy model by Dan McCance

Dan also worked on texturing the little boy, and will be texturing the little Girl next semester.

At this point, the little boy and Girl are rigged. 

On beginning to animate them, I have noticed a few problems. The deformation of the shoulders, neck and bum aren't working correctly. Rather than over-complicate the rig (which will take up too much time on a schedule that is already quite far behind) I'm going to mess around with using blendshapes to add the necessary bulges/creases. 

The mouths are also causing me a bit of grief when trying to achieve some shapes for lip sync. I intend to look over those again this week and make some changes to the set-ups.

On the other side of the tracks, we have the monsters- 

Slava Lawson has been working on Monster 2 (affectionately renamed "Waddles")

The model seems pretty sound, and any rig tests I have tried on him so far have worked well. I plan on rigging the boss head, and using blendshapes to animate the others.

Monster 1 is still a work in progress.

At this point, over the Christmas break, I will be revising the film. After this semester it has become apparent that I have far less of a team than I need, and the current targets, while not impossible, will be a struggle to meet. I am hoping to cut the story down to around a minute and a half, so I can spend enough time learning what I need to learn to complete it to a good standard. 

Friday, 7 December 2012

Stupid Kow Rig

This semester, along with my own film, I have been working on Jamie Buchanan's "Stupid Kow".

I'm rigging the faces of the main characters, Kow and the Farmer.

Kow is done. 

After problems with the topology around the Kow's mouth, I decided to use blendshapes for his mouth.