Friday, 3 May 2013

Fearg Na Mara Rigs

For Fearg Na Mara, I created 2 rigs- the Kelpie rig, and a Murdo rig. The kelpie would be posed for stills, and the Murdo rig would be used with the 3d water/boat scene, and finally drawn over.

The Kelpie was my only Quadraped rig, and I was happy to have the chance to try rigging quads. I learned a lot about horse anatomy too, haha!

Here is the kelpie rig-


  • Foot controls (with foot roll)
  • IK legs with aim knees
  • shoulder controls
  • COG control
  • hips control
  • torso controls
  • chest control (with attribute for moving neck)
  • neck controls
  • head control
  • moving jaw 
  • moving eyes
  • closing eyelids
  • ear controls
His spine uses a spline IK, which was very tricky to get working, but makes such a difference in the movement of the spine.

I had a few problems with topology on the Kelpie model, most notable around his front legs. This was a bit of a pain, as the modeller was convinced it could be fixed with weightpaints... but eventually, it was changed and all was well!


Murdo was a simple rig. The director just wanted a dummy which could be posed and drawn over, so I whipped this up


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