Saturday, 4 May 2013

iR rig

The iR rig was a lot of fun- nice an simple!

As he has no limbs, rigging his body took minutes- the controls are basically only there to make sure no one touches the geometry. The character can be rotated and dragged all over the place very easily, the only thing I really had to work with was where each object's pivot should be, and whether anything should be parented to anything else.

His hands were good fun. He has a sort of thumb/1 big finger thing going on, and these are made up of geometric shapes. Myself and Rob decided the individual sections of his finger should bend a little, although he's a robot, as this added a humanistic quality, and gave him a bit more life.

His eye was where I had the fun! I created a control pad so that it could be moved around, morphed and blinked easily. It's very simple, but I'm really happy with it, and more happy that I was able to whip it up so quickly! The way the eye/mesh around his eye moves has the same "humanistic" quality that we went for with the fingers. Although he's a robot, there is something lifelike and relate-able, and we felt this added a lot to the character's performance.

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