Thursday, 14 March 2013

Fearg Na Mara

Another film I have been rigging for is Fearg Na Mara, directed by classmate Freya Allan. The piece is mainly 2D, with 3D elements. You can follow it's progress on the blog-

For this project, I am rigging the Kelpie character. The kelpie was designed by Kirsteen Mullay and modelled by Erin Thomson. 

Rigging Mr Kelpie

Keeping up with the good tradition of any model I try to rig, the kelpie has had a few topology problems! The main problem is at the underneaths of his forelegs, where they meet with his torso. Lack of topology at the joint is allowing for limited moveability, with any overstretch of his arm causing a sharp edge of stretchy under-arm skin. 

There's talk of the model being edited and me re-doing the rig, so I've stopped in my tracks for now. Here's what I have!- 

Below are some useful resources I have been using. 

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