Wednesday, 7 March 2012


for my recent lack of posts!

Sincerely sorry chaps, I am. I've just been the busiest of bees!

Working on the module ( and the film ( is a time-consuming effort!

So yeah, not filling this blog here with those ramblings, go have a spy at their separate blogs for that.

Personal work wise, not much to report I'm afraid. Trying to keep my head above water with my 3D learning, so I have spent a few hours on DT soaking up info like a sponge. Or trying to, at least. Also been working through some of the exercises that come with my How to Cheat in Maya book, IK/FK handled oot ma nut at this point.

Couple of the 4th year chaps were looking for people to work on their film for a bit, and I have offered up my services, so watch this space to see if anything comes of that.

Nothing else to report, I guess.


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